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other should be stopped, because they are killing each other. and they want to kill the officer that is doing his job. that's not right. >> tonight, the city council will vote on a controversial to bringñi one of the city's bigge names in law enforcement, former nypd and lapd chief bill bratton in to help. the tough police style bratton is famous for is not for oakland. >> oakland residents have come out time and time again against things like loitering ordinances and curfews. >> bring in bratton and the fbi. >> reporter: for those living in the thick of it, they say enough is enough. it's time to get tough. >> they are violating everyone else's constitutional rights. we can't even walk our streets without worrying about a bullet coming our way. they need to be stopped. >> reporter: a live look at city hall. you can see that protesters have
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started to assemble outside city hall, and i can tell you that the police chief tells me he still believes that bratton is the best man for the job, the best person for the job. he plans to present a 30-slide power point presentation at tonight's meeting. he says he is more resolved than ever to bring bratton in. reporting live in oakland, jody hernandez, nbc bay area news. >> we'll cover tonight's meeting. brentwood, four teenagers recovering after being shot in a drive-by shooting. the teens range in age from 13 to 16. they were standing in front of a home on brenton drive when a passing car started shooting at them. all we know, they are describing the car as a white or light colored late model four-door sedan. not in my backyard. that's what we hear when it comes to affordable housing. and it is happening in lo ing i
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gatos. nbc bay area chris jenkins jo ss us now. >> reporter: a lot of residents of los gatos will show up to pressure the town council to vote no. this walnut orchard is one of the proposed sites included in what is called the affordable housing overlay zone. the plan, to make sure when a developer decides to build housing, some of the isç?$(q&ow market value and also a state mandate. while towns -- many townspeople support the creation of affordable housing, they question the creation that the town has identified. >> because the plan really section segregates a tiny part of town, and it does a disservice to the affordable housing community. >> i think the town is in a
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difficult addition. you have a community that has concern, and you have the state that is telling us what we have to do and there are consequences. >> reporter: the town's strategic planner says the vote is about policy, planning for that affordable housing and if the property under discussion may not end up being developed as affordable housing and by failing to plan, that could trigger the state to strip the town of its right to issue development permits or with the town to rezone all other areas altogether. the meeting starts at 7:00 tonight, the town's strategic planner expects that the meeting could go until midnight. in los gatos, nbc bay area news. a story only on nbc, a 23-year-old woman who says her p¢#u%uu(j used without her permission to dupe manti te'o talked exclusively to the
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"today" show. a former classmate named ronaiah toiasosopo stole it. this woman teo eventually ended up calling his girlfriend. >> ronaiah has called, confessed and also apologized. i don't think he can say anything that would fix this. >> reporter: teo insists he was not aware of the prank and was a victim of the prank. the teo story is a social networking cautionary tale. our business and tech reporter with how you can protect the most vulnerable, our kids. >> a lot of young people getting to know the online and social networking world. a time when they realize, not just games and youtube videos out there. potentially new friends, relationships and dangers, and if the teo story has taught us
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anything, even a college-educated grown person can get caught up in an online prank. imagine how easy for your child to fall prey to a flattering facebook post and get led down the path to identity theft or worse. the advice to parents? talk to your kids about social networking and stories like the teo case. >> i think this is entirely akin to the birds and bees or drug talk you will have. if you decide to sit on the corner of their bed nervously and shameedly and have one conversation, then your kids are going to learn about that stuff from everyone but you. have you proven yourself to be an unworthy source. >> she goes on to say the risks are beyond a drunk picture posted on the facebook page. relationships can be formed that can be heartbreaking when the truth is revealed or even dangerous. we spoke to a psychiatrist who says social media is the perfect
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platform to prey on victims, especially young people, because they have grown up with it, comfortable with it, and they trust it. janelle. >> very true. we have to learn to be more careful. thank you, scott. nippon airways is canceling more dreamliner flights, canceled through january 28th. more cancelations possible. every boeing 787 dreamliner was grounded after a string of problems. in business news, google looking especially strong, profits up, clicks up, all things advertisers and investors want to hear. the mountain view based search giant in the process of hiring 1,400 workers, google up by 5% or more than $30 per share after hours. great america is hiring right now. the santa clara amusement park
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will add 2,500 new jobs for the 2013 season. great america will reopen march 29th. taking applications starting today on its website. 90% of ski resorts now have them and some say more could be done to make them safe. talking about the neuter rain parks. you may have seen them or played in them. like skate parks, but in the snow. investigative reporter lisa kushner found they are being built with no safety standard. >> reporter: they are growing in popularity along with sports like the x games. there is little oversight on how they are designed. >> there isn't any design really. >> reporter: martin hubbard, an expert witness who testified in several lawsuits against various ski resorts and a professor of mechanical engineering at uc-davis. >> not all of them are safe,
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absolutely. >> reporter: a recent study at a conference at the international society for skiing safety found the rate of spine and head injuries at terrain parks is double that compared to other areas at a resort. hubbard says the key to preventing serious accidents calculating the distance from the jump to the landing. >> basically accommodates for any place you want to land and makes it you land equally softly everywhere. >> reporter: mathematical equations into it? >> mathematical equations, no? >> reporter: chris gunderson at the secenter of the trend. his company dreams up and constructs the jumps for the x games and the dew tour. he's also building terrain parks at ski areas all over the worl . for northern california it includes north star, squaw and heavenly. >> it would be incredibly
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difficult if not impossible to develop a standard, because sfeeds are so varying andxd use controls are so varying. >> reporter: we'll have more on the issue tonight at 11:00, and we'll also hear from a man now paralyzed. he sued the ski resort and won. that story at 11:00. >> we look forward to seeing that. if you have a tip for the investigative unit. call us or send an e-mail to the unit at nbc bay we're tracking our latest storm that is beginning move in with widespread cloud cover. timeline coming up. and even with the storm moving in, expect another spare the air day on wednesday, with poor air quality. we have the timeline again on that rain in a few minutes. it sure did look authentic, but was beyonce lip syncing at
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yesterday's inauguration? and more proof tonight the big movement can come in small packages. the story of one woman's little library that will make the bay area proud. [ crickets chirping ]
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[ traffic passing ] ♪ [ music box: lullaby ] [ man on tv, indistinct ] ♪ [ lullaby continues ] [ baby coos ] [ man announcing ] millions are still exposed to the dangers... of secondhand smoke... and some of them can't do anything about it. ♪ [ continues ] [ gasping ]
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>> in health matters, a drop in childhood asthma. after the first year of the ban, childhood asthma fell by 12%. the smoke-free law may have changed perceptions on exposing children to second-hand smoke. is it stands as the law of the land, and roe versus wade decision. in 1973, a landsmark decision by the u.s. supreme court legalized abortions under most conditions. overturning texas interpretation of the law. now, four decades later,
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abortion ranks as one of the most polarizing issues in america. abortion opponents are marking the anniversary with a push for more restrictions. and crews are working to repair sections of the bay bridge where a tanker hit a tower earlier this month. the chopper glue overhead as work started this morning. the agency is spending as much as $3 million to replace fenders on the western tower sideswiped on january 7thú÷ the actual pier itself isn't damaged. it was the fender system that absorbed the impact. the repair work is expected to last 4 1/2 months, caltrans may be able to recoup some of the repair money, pending the outcome of the ntsb and coast guard investigations. speaking of money, one place seeing a lot less of it these days are libraries. library hours and staff have been cut due to reduced budget. one type of library is seeing a growth spurt. not a threat to replace your
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thomas is here to see if your neighborhood has one. >> books don't always bring people together. reading a book is usually a solitary activity. sharing a book, however, is a very different thing. it's something karen discovered when she jumped in on a growing trend, but she and many others are finding tonight's bay area proud. if your travels have taken you through san jose, you may have noticed a few new libraries popping up. those built with bond money, but also that one built in ron's garage. the one that sits atop daughter karen's fence. >> you put the harry potter books in there. >> it's called a little free library and karen's is far from
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the only one. part of a trend started in wisconsin a few years ago, there are now some 6,000 little free libraries around the world. more popping up in the bay area each week. and while each one is home made and therefore unique, the concept is what links them together. take a book, return a book. that's it. a library with no due dates, no late fees, and no closing hours. karen put hers up a few weeks ago, she knew she had done the right thing after her first customer stopped by, a little neighbor boy. her put his dr. seuss book in, and took another one out and left, and i thought, oh, it was just -- it was so cool. >> reporter: karen has been amazed how much traffic her little library has gotten since then. >> it gets visited probably ten times a day. >> across town, celizabeth carroll put hers up a few months
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ago. it is a simple way to not just promote lit racy, and community. >> it runs itself. i decorate it for holidays. >> a self-sustaining way to pay it forward. no payment needed. >> every day you want to try to do something good for somebody, make somebody's day better. just do something nice for people. >> that is such a great idea. >> when people hear the idea, the question they ask, what is somebody steals a book? they are free, you can't steal a book. the favorite story, karen set up her library and people take books out and control them. she got a whole set of "50 shades of grey, " now there is a little note. if would you like "50 shades of grey," it's inside. >> that's a wonderful story. things are changing, getting
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cloudy. >> drop off some meteorology books. >> that little mailbox needs its own weather forecast. make sure it's good enough to get whatever book you want. we have changes coming our way. most notably, cloud cover increasing for the bay area, but for all of california. we have subtropical moisture mixing in with this. currently on the radar scan, not resulting in any rainfall just yet. but as we head throughout the next 24 hours, the doppler scan starting to pick up on showers across the bay area and here is something to think about. as we head throughout january, relatively dry, we actually picked up most of our rainfall recently in november and december with 6.83 inch of rain across san jose, and the last time we received over .1 inch in san jose was back on january the 6th. definitely need to pick up more rain drops through the next couple of weeks to add to what we've already had. current temperatures mid to
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upper 50s, also down in the south bay, about 10 degrees cooler than what you had for daytime highs. let's take you outside to live hd skycam ra, cloudy of you above, look at the defined area of haze in the center of the screen. the poor air quality for the past couple of days. it will stay with us for one more day before things start to improve. also up in the san francisco, hazy, flag on hd screen, very still. we'll get those winds eventually to transition more to an onshore wind through the next 24 hours. let's get you into the view right now. cold front just offshore, then here is what's so interesting about what's happening. subtropical moisture, flooding up from the south, meeting up with the cold front. we'll get a chance of showers, temperatures cool off for everybody, but with subtropical moisture in place, a little humid the next 24 hours. not quite like tahiti, but you will definitely notice a change in the atmosphere.
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as far as storm timeline, we'll be cloudy around midnight tonight and for tomorrow morning, 6:00, 7:00, mainly cloud cover across the bay area, but after 7:00 in the morning, we'll keep the chance of showers for the entire day. forecast, a real tough time with the moisture moving up to the south. best possibility of accumulating rain in the north bay. east bay, south bay, and peninsula, more hit and miss. at least that's how it looks at this point. for the morning hours, we'll start with one of the warmest mornings we've had in weeks in the north bay. 41 in santa rosa, 42 in napa. it will feel like the heater is on. and by the afternoon wednesday, mid to upper 50s. sun gone, hazy with also that chance of scattered showers. we will get sun in here by thursday. then look at this showers return for friday, saturday, also on sunday, and not any kind of big storm system on those three days. but we'll have these little weak
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disturbances rolling on by, so we need windshield wipers at times on your car and other times, you will not. notice, temperatures dropping by saturday. upper 50s. from 70s to 50s. a little more of a reality check for us across the bay area. >> we were at 40s a week ago. 30s. nothing. >> unreal. >> thanks, jeff. you're welcome. >> not your typical tour. which special guest surprised a group of washington tourists.
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dozens of white house tourists got quite a surprise. they were greeted by the president and first lady. the visitors shook hands, one even hugged the president. mr. obama thanked them for coming. the first family has made the white house more open and the public. the obamas showed up to the
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inauguration in style. and now people across the country are trying to duplicate the work. the first lady and daughters sported many j. crew. ma malia's plum-colored coat only available in size zero. the first lady's outfit and accessories headed for the national archives. ♪ so was it live or memorex? was she singing or lip-synching? that's beyonce. beyonce chose to use prerecorded music that included vocals. they are in no position to say whether it was live or not. all music used in inaugural events prerecorded in case the live event can't take place.
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yo-yo ma also used a prerecorded track in 2008. whether she recorded or did it live, an amazing voice. >> we'll be right back.
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thank you for being with us. that's going to do with us. see you at 6:00. >> "nightly news" is next.
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on our broadcast tonight, a shooting on campus. a gunman opens fire near the library. several people are injured. we'll have a live report.
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the deep freeze taking hold across the country after a mild start to winter generally. suddenly it's rough out there. early detection of the damage done by concussions and the risk of developing alzheimer's. there's been a major breakthrough. the law of the land. it's suddenly been 40 years since roe versus wade legalized abortion. tonight, what americans now think about one of the most divisive issues of our time. and tour of duty, prince harry talks about life on the front lines and going after the enemy as just another guy in the british military. "nightly news" begins now. good evening. when we first received word from texas of yet another shooting at yet another school, this time a community college outside of houston, everyone had good reason to fear the absolute

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